Bulletin Regarding COVID-19

Sanders Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine wants to make sure our patients know where we stand given the confusing precautions taken by many organizations during these disorderly times.  We are open for business and continue to operate to best serve our patients.  We have modified how we are executing these operations in response to the public health concern of the Novel Coronavirus.  Those modifications are summarized below:

  • Increased sanitization
    • Although we always have hand sanitizer in every room, the waiting room, and check-in/check-out locations, we are intentionally making these receptacles more obvious and encouraging patients to use them more frequently.
    • We continue to sanitize every surface with bactericidal and virucidal disposable wipes and ensure the maximum time for the product to take effect is permitted before introducing another patient into the room.
    • Door handles, arm rests, door frames, and other high-touch areas are being sanitized more frequently throughout clinic hours.
    • Janitorial services have been verified to be exceeding standards given the circumstances and hand sanitizer stations are being added in common areas within the building and parking facilities.
  • Selective scheduling
    • We have adjusted our normal scheduling protocols to decrease the number of people who may potentially be in the waiting room at any given time.
    • Less crowded waiting rooms means more space for social distancing, a practice suggested to decrease likelihood of contamination.
    • Populations who have been determined by health experts to be at higher risk of harm from COVID-19 are scheduled during specific time blocks where their exposure to other individuals is drastically reduced.
  • Reduced transactions
    • Items like IDs, Credit Cards, pens, paper, and clipboards are not changing hands unless necessary.
    • IDs can be photographed and sent via email.
    • Used pens and clipboards are being set aside for sanitization before being re-used.
    • Credit Card information can be given verbally or via phone.
    • Point of Sale Terminal interaction is limited and it is cleaned after each use.

Sanders Clinic encourages our patients to educate themselves on the type of individual at high risk to this disease and what it means to protect those people.  It is important to understand the potential impact to determine the appropriate actions given the precautions suggested by the CDC and other Health authorities.  We also ask for increased patience during this period as we continue to monitor and adapt to the situation as appropriate.