Repairing Damaged Joints

The older we get, the more susceptible our bodies become to wear and tear. The joints are particularly affected, as the connective areas allowing movement between bones. Repetitive motion day in and day out can put a tremendous amount of stress on joints, which causes the connective tissue to become inflamed and create an environment prone to instability and degeneration. Sometimes this inflammation is evident and accompanied by pain and sometimes it is not. It is important for individuals to know their bodies well and see an orthopedic surgeon when joints just don’t feel right.

The following list contains the areas of the body most susceptible to wearing down over time. Other factors such as excess weight and a regular rigorous sport or activity can also impact these areas and prompt more rapid deterioration if not properly addressed. In order to avoid the early onset of osteoarthritis and the early degeneration of joints and bones, joint pain should always be thoroughly addressed. A Houston orthopedic surgeon can determine a plan for reducing pain, addressing joint inflammation and reverse an unstable joint environment that predisposes a patient to more severe degenerative joint conditions.

Wrist– The wrist joint is one of the most complex joints of the human body and comprised of some of the smallest bones. Every day the wrist is exposed to an incredible amount of stress, as it is required for so many day-to-day activities and used frequently in sports and other physical activities. Through repetitive movement and stress placed on the small wrist bones, a variety of wrist conditions and injuries, such as tendon compression, nerve damage and wrist fractures can occur. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is perhaps the most widely recognized wrist condition, affecting the nerves running through a narrow tunnel in the wrist. This affliction can cause a constant nagging pain at the inside of the hand, sometimes radiating up towards the shoulder. Nonsurgical methods are often effective in addressing such wrist conditions as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Tendonitis, though a minimally invasive surgical procedure may be required for more advanced cases.

Shoulder– The shoulder joint is one of the most commonly used joints in the human body and capable of achieving the largest range of motion. Because of the excessive use and range of motion it is able to achieve, the shoulder joint is susceptible to many overstress orthopedic injuries and conditions. The shoulder joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons are commonly known as the Rotator Cuff. Heavy lifting and overhead sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball, and baseball can cause the soft tissue of the rotator cuff to become inflamed and unstable – causing pain in the affected area. Ongoing inflammation and instability in a joint predisposes the joint to other more serious degenerative conditions. A Houston orthopedic surgeon can examine an injured shoulder to determine the best course of action for repair. Many believe that arthroscopic surgery is an effective minimally invasive treatment option in addressing many common shoulder injuries and conditions – speeding up recovery.

Knee– Athletes are not the only people prone to knee injuries. Many common daily activities place a tremendous amount of stress on the knee joint, which over time can lead to an injury. Excess weight and repetitive stress activities further contribute to the overall stress of the knee joint. Common knee problems include ACL ligament (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears, cartilage tears, and patellofemoral disorders. Those suffering from knee pain should visit a Houston orthopedic surgeon for a thorough examination of the area, in order to prevent the early onset of degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. An exploratory arthroscopy can help identify the problem and minimally invasive knee arthroscopy can effectively address cartilage damage.

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