Reconditioning Exercises

A strong exercise routine partners with a sound nutritional plan for the greatest results. Exercise is rendered 50 percent less effective if the body does not receive proper nutrition. Working in conjunction with a diet and nutrition plan, an exercise program is developed for patients to recondition their injured limb and the supporting muscle groups – for whole-body strengthening.

Certified Trainers specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation first educate patients on the manner in which muscles interact and connective tissue breaks down, before developing a series of exercises addressing the injury or vulnerability. Too often injuries occur when surrounding muscles are inadequately trained. Opposing muscle groups should be both equally strong and supple. Whole-body strengthening allows daily impact to be more evenly distributed throughout – eliminating stress on a specific area. Benchmarks are established and an ongoing whole-body strengthening plan is launched. Exercises for both the gym and home are demonstrated to help the patient regain strength and independence as fast as possible.