Accelerated ACL Rehabilitation Program

Dr. Sanders has worked extensively in his nearly 23 years as an Orthopaedic surgeon to develop an advanced Accelerated ACL Rehabilitation program that can return patients to their activities as quickly and safely as possible. He has assembled a trained staff of certified trainers to take postoperative exercise devices and traditional rehabilitation to a whole new level.

In order to avoid such conditions as hemarthrosis (blood in the knee), which causes immediate pain, swelling, and disability and prevents patients from bending or straightening the knee, or putting weight on the foot, Dr. Sanders and his staff immediately begin patients on a non-surgical Reconditioning Program. The program includes Range of Motion exercises, a gait reeducation program to quickly eliminate the need for crutches, a cold/compression device known as the CryoCuff®, and a strengthening and flexibility program. This program lasts between four and six weeks and will generally be done by the patient independently. Following the program, most non-athletic patients, or patients willing to give up most sports during the program, can recover from their injury without the need for surgery. For athletic patients unwilling to modify their activities sufficiently for a non-surgical recovery, this time is used for teaching and psychological preparation. Patients are readied for immediate post surgery mobility, by learning before the surgery takes place the function of any necessary rehabilitation device they will use, and the purpose of the progressively challenging exercises. Patients are educated about the role surrounding muscle groups can play in strengthening the injured limb during recovery. A personal plan is then developed, goals are set, and a timeline for activity resumption established.

Following completion of the above, those patients who are unable to drastically curtail their athletic or occupational activities, can undergo Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.