The Sanders Clinic

Sports Injury Treatment by Sports Medicine Doctors in Houston

At the Sanders Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine patients receive a comprehensive assessment and strengthening plan developed uniquely for them. A whole-body plan addressing both the nutritional and physical deficiencies ensures a stronger outcome for non-surgical, presurgical and post surgical patients alike.

Patients learn how to proactively participate in the strengthening of their injured area, utilizing a program designed to improve strength in all the affected muscle groups and rehabilitate the injured area. Proper strengthening and conditioning will prevent recurrent injury.

Our Mission Statement

By applying wisdom before technology, it is the mission of the Sanders Clinic to help patients understand that maintaining a strong and healthy body is the best way to not only avoid serious injury but also recover quickly when one does occur. We take the least invasive approach first. And when surgery is required, a healthy plan to strengthen both the psychological and physical structure is begun before it is scheduled – because we understand the important role that both play in a rapid recovery.

The rapid return of athletes to their sport is just part of our goal. We do everything to ensure that our patients live the highest quality of life possible.

Mark Sanders, MD, FACS
Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certificate in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Our Philosophy

Dr. Sanders is a successful Orthopaedic Surgeon of nearly 30 years and offers the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatments at his clinic – performing surgery when conservative measures fail.

Knowledgeable about the risks of surgery, recovery time, and potential for permanent limitations of the affected area, Dr. Sanders performs surgery only when a serious injury does not respond to conservative treatment and an individualized reconditioning program.

“The small percentage of patients who present with injuries requiring early surgery are typically patients with displaced fractures or young athletically active adults with multiple knee ligament injuries. Those with degenerative conditions generally respond well to a conservative program,” says Sanders.

Dr. Sanders and his staff believe the best way to preserve strong use of both healthy as well as once injured joints is through a balanced, on-going strengthening program that can easily be incorporated into a patient’s life.

Patient Services

Comprehensive Health Assessment:
• History of Present Illness
• Family History
• Activity Level
• Physical Examination
• X-ray
• KT 1000™ Knee Exam
• Telos Stress Exam
• Other Diagnostic Tests

Certified Trainers:
• Plan for Injured Area
• Plan for Overall Strengthening
• Individualized Exercise/Rehabilitation Program
• One-on-one Instruction
• Progress Tracking
• Benchmark Evaluations
• Body Fat Analysis
• Dietary Habits
• Weight Loss Plan When Necessary

Treatment Options:
Conservative Treatment
• Non-Surgical Reconditioning Program
• Nutrition Plan
• Individualized Exercise and Strengthening Plan
• Anti-Inflammatory Medication (NSAIDS)
• Cortisone Injections

Surgical Options
• Arthroscopy
• Reconstruction Procedures