Rehabilitation Devices

The type of injury will determine which rehabilitation devices are necessary for recovery.

Thera-Band® Resistive Band
The Thera-Band® Resistive Band comes in varying levels of resistance and provides both positive and negative force on the muscles – improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Dr. Sanders uses the Thera-Bands in a series of exercises that help strengthen the shoulder in Flexion, Abduction, Internal rotation and External rotation. They also help stretch the shoulder into internal rotation, as well as strengthen the Scapula Rotators.

The Cryo/Cuff is a cold therapy device that is placed over compression stockings and dressings after injury or surgery to the extremities. They are made for a variety of body areas and combine focal compression with cold to provide optimal control of swelling and pain. The Cryo/Cuff has three essential parts: the Cuff, which is a pouch-like device filled with ice-cold water; the Tube, which is detachable and runs from the Cuff to the Canister allowing the patient to change the water; and the Canister, which holds ice and water. The cold water in the Cuff should ideally be changed once per hour.

The Shuttle™ MiniClinic
Initially developed by aerospace engineers to help astronauts withstand the physical challenges of re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere following space travel, this Cardiovascular Conditioner was modified and renamed the Shuttle nearly 20 years later and now serves as a valuable tool in rehabilitation. The same intermittent positive and negative acceleration forces that parallel to the long axis of the body and aided astronauts years ago are used similarly today with rehabilitating patients.
Following additional research and development, the Shuttle™ MiniClinic, a horizontal rebounding exercise device, is found to allow full range of motion of both the arms and legs during exercise, while the back and neck are comfortably supported by the back and head rests. The internal and external induced stresses combined in the Shuttle have a positive effect on muscle groups within the body, as well as the cardiovascular system.

The Step Box
This simple device is used for the performance of closed chain knee extension exercises on both legs a graft and an ACL leg following ACL Reconstruction.

The ELITE SEAT® device
The ELITE SEAT® device is generally used in reconditioning patients with Arthritis of the knee, to assist in reaching physiologic hyperextension, equal to the normal leg. Patients, who are able to reach symmetrical hyperextension rarely need surgery. ELITE SEAT® is a registered trademark of Kneebourne Therapeutic LLC.

Air-Stirrup Standard Ankle Brace
This ankle brace is applied to the outside of a sock and worn with shoes. It supports and compresses a sprained or unstable ankle by limiting inversion-eversion, while permitting nearly normal flexion.