ACL Rehabilitation Program: Getting Back to Your Life After an ACL Injury

What does an ACL rehab program involve?
After an ACL injury, your orthopedic surgeon will create an ACL rehabilitation program that gets you back to your normal life as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Not all ACL knee injuries are the same, of course, which means that your physicians will take your current physical condition, extent of the injury, and future athletic goals into account as they design your program. The goal of a rehabilitation program is to improve the functionality of the muscles in the injured leg until they are as strong as those in the uninjured leg.

Regardless of your condition or the extent of the injury, all programs should have the following elements:

  • Flexibility exercises
  • Strengthening activities
  • Endurance exercises
  • Coordination and agility activities

How long do programs last?
The length of a program depends both on how dedicated the participant is to the program and how severe the ACl knee injuries were. Usually, rehab programs will last up to 1 year; however, people who are really dedicated recover faster and experience fewer future knee problems.

Is rehab really necessary after an ACl injury?
Absolutely yes! An ACL rehabilitation program is needed after these injuries whether surgery is required or not. These programs strengthen the muscles and knee and lead to better knew stability and normal range of motion and flexibility. Contact Dr. Mark Sanders at 713.622.3576 for additional information on creating your own effective rehabilitation program.