Dr. Sanders is pleased to respond to patient’s questions, as he believes that patient education is key to good health. Unfortunately, he is limited in his response to questions in the absence of a physical examination and/or relevant laboratory, or radiological tests.

The Texas Medical Practice Act discourages the establishment of doctor-patient relationships via the Internet, without first establishing direct doctor-patient contact. So Dr. Sanders is prohibited from offering medical advice or recommending treatments without a visit to his Clinic.

Should a visit to the Clinic not be possible for whatever reason, he recommends that patients develop such a doctor-patient relationship with a physician skilled in treating their particular problem.

Dr. Sanders can, however, inform those inquiring about how patients with similar conditions are treated at the Sanders Clinic. Any and all of his responses are for educational and public informational purposes only and should not be considered as establishing a physician-patient relationship.

Prior to undertaking any course of action, patients are advised to see a qualified, licensed physician, who can assess individual health history and condition in order to establish a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.