Knee Replacement Surgery in Houston

There have been a number of advances in total knee replacement surgery over the years. Dr. Sanders utilizes the latest technology with a proven accelerated rehabilitation program in order to achieve optimal results and a more rapid recovery.

Dr. Sanders performs this surgery in a minimally traumatic fashion. Preoperative optimization of the patients heath, surveillance and treatment for nasal carriage of dangerous bacteria are of great importance. Intraoperative adjustments in technique such as use of antifibrinolytic medicines to minimize blood loss, avoidance of a tourniquet and rapid surgery will markedly decrease the incidence of infection and blood clots and have eliminated the need for blood transfusions. The availability of intermittent venous compression pumps for outpatient use and a proven plan of multimodal oral pain management has allowed it to be performed on the outpatient basis in selected patients. Accelerated rehabilitation is possible and normal gait without crutches or a walker is likely within two weeks.

Dr. Sanders does not make his decisions based on a manufacturer’s claim and supporting marketing of “new technology, a personalized total knee, a woman’s total knee,” or the latest advertised by a former world champion gymnast or ballerina. Many of these “latest and greatest” technologies have no proven track record in the evidenced based medical literature and too often result in a class action lawsuit brought by patients against the manufacturer.

Dr. Sanders believes he has a fiduciary role to protect his patients from these situations. He believes that the key to a successful arthroplasty is proper patient preparation and well executed installation. He uses affordable and proven technologies that already have shown excellent results at over 20-year follow-ups.