Sanders Clinic Certified Trainers

At the Sanders Clinic, the certified staff of trainers specialized in injury prevention takes rehabilitation to a whole new level – by applying a reconditioning and strengthening exercise program to not only the injured area but the entire body as well.

The unified goal of Dr. Sanders and his staff is to develop a plan with the right balance of exercise, nutrition and pain management for each patient.

Certified Trainers

edEd Nepveux
“It’s not just about the legs in biking or the arms in weightlifting. It’s about also working the core, which generates more force than you realize. Letting your body distribute the impact adds longevity.” – Ed


leslieLeslie Walton
“Balance is key. You have muscle groups that work together, and if one muscle group is any stronger than another, it’s likely to result in an injury. When working with the shoulder, we’re making sure the biceps and triceps are strong too. And you don’t just work quadriceps and ignore the hamstrings. It is great for your body to be challenged in different directions.” – Leslie

tonyTony Cortez
“Nutrition is significant. Without the right nutrition, a patient gets less than 50 percent out of their exercise program, which impacts their overall results.” – Tony


georgeGeorge Pou
“As Certified Trainers we’re looking specifically at one individual at a time and have more flexibility in the type of program we develop than general rehabilitation affords. One patient with the same injury may need to be treated differently than another. It’s very specific.” – George