Sports Injuries: How to Avoid Orthopedic Surgery

Anyone who has ever been involved in athletics knows that minor sports injuries are just par for the course. Muscle strains, sore limbs and pulled ligaments are not anything to be overly concerned about; a few days of rest and you can usually avoid any lasting damage. But sometimes damage such as rotator cuff tears or ACL injuries can require more than just some relaxation time, and serious athletes may sometimes end up visiting a clinic for some type of orthopedic surgery.

How can active, energetic individuals enjoy their activities without experiencing painful injury?
•    Know your body’s limitations. If you have trained for a long time, you may be able to complete some of the advanced aspects of your chosen sport; however, if you have only begun to exercise, don’t overextend yourself. Take frequent breaks to evaluate how hard you can logically push yourself.
•    Take the time to learn the correct way to participate. Even low-impact sports such as swimming and horseback riding can cause sports injuries if the participant repeatedly performs actions incorrectly. Learning the correct way to swing a racket or bat, complete the butterfly and drive a putt can help you avoid such painful injuries as rotator cuff tears.
•    Make regular visits to your doctor. You don’t need to make unnecessary appointments with a physician who specializes in orthopedic surgery in order to reap the benefits of regular medical care. Instead, simply make yearly check-ups with your general practitioner and inquire if you are healthy enough to participate in the sport you love. If you do find yourself in need of orthopedic care, Dr. Mark Sanders is a trusted Houston surgeon who uses the most advanced methods of healing sports injuries. Call the Sanders Clinic at 713.622.3576 for more information.