Working with the trainers

Develop short-term plan for injured area

  • Regain full function and increase strength of injured area
  • Establish optimal diet for exercise program
  • Establish reconditioning exercises for injured area

Develop long-term plan for overall strengthening

  • Expand exercise program to increase strength of muscle group surrounding injury
  • Improve overall state of health and well being with nutrition plan
  • Increase overall strength
  • Develop weight-loss plan, if weight was a factor in the injury
  • Ensure whole-body stability to reduce risk of future injuries
  • Monitor progress and changes specific to patient’s initial health assessment findings

One-On-One Instruction

  • Personal certified trainer works with the patient throughout the reconditioning process
  • Measures rate of improvement
  • Gradually modifies program to fit into patient’s life

The training and education of the certified trainers never stops, so that the latest information and techniques can be incorporated into patient programs.